The Unnatural History of the Sea

Ever wonder what roamed the world’s oceans hundreds of years ago?  The oceans of today are but a distant whisper of their former abundance.  Callum Roberts uses historical accounts, trip logs, and journals to bring to life the oceans of the past.  The book documents how humans have stripped the sea bare through constant harvest, exploitation, and disregard.  Although the book is an altogether grim account, it carries with it an important message.  Roberts makes you realize how the oceans of today are deserts when compared to the life they used to harbor.  Despite this grim reality, there is hope in marine life’s resiliency.  Numerous studies have documented rapid recovery rates of marine environments when spared from the pressures of intense fishing.  If you have any interest in sea life, the ocean, or are a consumer of seafood, you need to read this book.


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