1942 Geodetic Marker

Installed in 1942, with instructions to write to the director for information.  Many of these markers are secured by a long iron spike hammered down into rock, and set with cement.  You will find them in some of the most remote locations in the country.  There are over 750,000 of them out there!


4 thoughts on “1942 Geodetic Marker

    • I could imagine. I’ve felt that urge too, what an awesome thing to bring back with you. A few hiking huts I’ve been to sell identical replicas, but it’s just not the same!

      • No–it’s not the same. I was more tempted by the warning that it would be illegal to remove it than anything. I think they planned for fools like me.

  1. They definitely planned ahead. The one in the photo has 1942 stamped on it, and threatens $250 fine or imprisonment. Only in 1942 would a $250 fine be comparable to a prison sentence.

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