I found one! (Google street view vehicle)

Has anyone else run into these?


8 thoughts on “I found one! (Google street view vehicle)

  1. Yes! A few months ago, I was walking and saw a white car that had the words “Google Streetview” splashed across the side drive by haha. Same sort of camera on top as well.

    • Nice! Yea, I’ve seen a couple that had google logos all over them, one was a Subaru. This one in particular was on Hawaii, so I’m guessing google didn’t want to ship one of their fancy logo cars all the way out there, so they just bought/rented another car once they got out there. Pretty cool camera setup though. I’m sure google street view video is next on their agenda. Pretty sure they’re aiming to virtualize the entire world…

  2. That’s funny. (I assume you are not pulling my leg in a “gullible is not in the dictionary” kind of way. I was recently told it was an endearing quality of mine). So, if indeed this is a Google Street View Car, How fun! I never even thought how those photos existed.

    • Haha, no, not pulling your leg! It took me a minute to figure out what was going on on the top of this car, but when I figured it out I thought, oh! cool. I’ve actually seen a few of these cars, one in NYC and one in Boston. Some of them are decked out in google logos, some aren’t. This one was in Hawaii.

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