The view of Mona Lisa, and Mona Lisa’s view.

Taken at the Louvre in Paris.


12 thoughts on “The view of Mona Lisa, and Mona Lisa’s view.

  1. What a great thought – I’d love to write a poem about what the old girl is thinking day after day as she sees those lines shuffle in and out endlessly. Great shots!

    • That’s a great idea Melody! That calm, mysterious gaze would surely have something to say about this rambunctious, bustling audience. If you do get around to writing the poem, I’d love to read it! (and re-blog it of course)

      • What do you think? This one almost wrote itself – that was the fastest write I think I’ve ever done! The idea so captured me from the great photos. I really enjoyed this one! 🙂

      • Melody this is great! You really have a way with words. If this picture is worth a thousand words, so is your poem. So glad you were able to do this with one of my photos! I’ll be disconnected from the blogging world for the next ten days, but look forward to catching up when I’m back. Best,


      • Thank you – I really appreciate that high praise! I always enjoy seeing what caption you will come up with, or what new angle or thought you will provoke. How nice to be able to collaborate in new ways! thanks for the inspiration!

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