Mt. Adams in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

A day hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Mt. Adams is one of a handful of 5000+ footers in this national forest.  Dense mist and fog blanketed the summit, making for a chilly July day on the summit.  Extra wool socks became gloves, baseball hats were blown away, and the ‘just in case’ windbreaker became vital.  They have a sign warning about sever weather at the treeline, we found out what they were talking about.  The summit of Mt. Adams is pure boulders, the trail marked by blue blazes.  You’ll see my head obscured by the blowing wind and fog on the summit.  We briefly parked ourselves and our packs at the top, before hiking down below the treeline to have lunch.  It’s an exciting hike, with what I’d assume to be a spectacular view on clear days.  Try it out!  The Whites are just a couple hours from Boston.